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No Cost Warranty

Ignite operates a “no-cost warranty” for all projects. If the client is not satisfied with the work completed it will be repeated, with required amendments, free of charge. If the subsequent re-implementation is unsatisfactory then a full, no-quibble refund will be made.

Dean Hines “At Ignite we are so confident that we can deliver outstanding results we actually prefer to be paid on results!”

Dean Hines, Managing Director

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When you require tailored solutions for specific projects!

Bringing together all of Ignite’s expertise - you can have a programme especially designed for your business to generate the results and outcomes you are looking for.

What is FOUR-D?

FOUR-D is a 4-dimensional approach to learning and development.

  1. Diagnose: It starts with a consultative meeting to explore and discuss your priorities, goals and aspirations for your people and your business to reach an agreed approach for moving forward.
  2. Develop: From this Ignite will develop a solution tailored especially for your situation outlining what can be achieved and by when. They will come back and present this and take feedback to make this the perfect solution for you and your people.
  3. Deliver: The next stage is the delivery and it is this element of the solution that is unique to Ignite. They use a set of amazing tools and proven techniques to impact positively on participant buy-in, the enjoyability factor and knowledge retention. Ignite will also make sure their delivery matches your business culture and they always take into account the practicalities of the busy schedules of your people and their geography.
  4. Devolve: This is where your people return to the workplace with their new Ignite kit-bag and start making a difference immediately with support from Ignite.

Who is FOUR-D Designed for?

Anyone looking for a high-impact, practical, results-driven, tailored approach to learning and development.

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