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No Cost Warranty

Ignite operates a “no-cost warranty” for all projects. If the client is not satisfied with the work completed it will be repeated, with required amendments, free of charge. If the subsequent re-implementation is unsatisfactory then a full, no-quibble refund will be made.

Dean Hines “At Ignite we are so confident that we can deliver outstanding results we actually prefer to be paid on results!”

Dean Hines, Managing Director

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Guaranteed to IGNITE the corporate spirit!

Odyssey is your chance to give your senior people a powerful kit-bag of practical management tools they can benefit from immediately.

What is ODYSSEY?

Ignite is constantly reviewing all the new and exciting management theory available to us in the vast ether. They combine this newly found, leading edge thinking with the very best traditional material - that’s stood the test of time - for a unique management experience.

What really makes ODYSSEY different is Ignite’s delivery style. Using tools such as - accelerated learning that is proven to positively impact participant buy-in, enjoyability and knowledge retention – as well as NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to ensure the material caters for communication preferences of all – the ODYSSEY management programme takes complex management principles and delivers them in a clear, dynamic, highly-inspirational way!

Who is ODYSSEY designed for?

Odyssey will be a catalyst for your management team – it’s for your supervisors and managers that wish to broaden and improve their skills and mindset and be able to return to the workplace armed and ready to start making a difference immediately.

Ignite offers Odyssey management for three scenarios:

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