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No Cost Warranty

Ignite operates a “no-cost warranty” for all projects. If the client is not satisfied with the work completed it will be repeated, with required amendments, free of charge. If the subsequent re-implementation is unsatisfactory then a full, no-quibble refund will be made.

Dean Hines “At Ignite we are so confident that we can deliver outstanding results we actually prefer to be paid on results!”

Dean Hines, Managing Director

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A dynamic, one-to-one, strategic partnership that will elevate you quickly and successfully to the next level.

The DISCOVERY one-to-one coaching programme is an opportunity embrace a mission of exploration of self-awareness and self-responsibility to invoke action.


Ignite’s DISCOVERY Coaching Programme is possibly the fastest way of moving the current behaviour of an individual to the desired behaviour.

In a structured approach, this programme will enable you to focus on your goals, ideals, thoughts and aspirations and will remove any barriers from your path as well banish any limiting beliefs that may be found lurking in the corners of your mind.

Often used as a powerful follow on from Ignite’s management programme (ODYSSEY) and Ignite’s leadership programme (HORIZON) – The DISCOVERY one-to-one coaching programme is a solid vehicle that can be used to clarify strategic thinking and to bounce ideas around.

It brings to life past learning, uncovers startling truths and clears the way for action leading to the highest levels of achievement and performance for you and your business.

Who is DISCOVERY designed for?

Any executive wishing to move forward!

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