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No Cost Warranty

Ignite operates a “no-cost warranty” for all projects. If the client is not satisfied with the work completed it will be repeated, with required amendments, free of charge. If the subsequent re-implementation is unsatisfactory then a full, no-quibble refund will be made.

Dean Hines “At Ignite we are so confident that we can deliver outstanding results we actually prefer to be paid on results!”

Dean Hines, Managing Director

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Encourage your people to think bigger, reach higher, go further and gain the rewards!

This is a must for all businesses wishing to increase profit dramatically through outstanding customer service training!

What is SMILE?

Ignite’s widely acclaimed SMILE programme is your opportunity to inject that all important element of sparkle into your customers’ experience!

Your people are wholly responsible for giving your customers a lasting impression of your business. That alone could determine whether or not they return to do more business with you. Not only that, the one thing you can guarantee is that your customers will definitely talk to others about their experience!

Embarking on the SMILE programme with Ignite is one sure fire way to make sure your customers are talking about you for all the right reasons!

Ignite’s way is to deliver this programme to fit the culture of your business so that what your customers see is totally genuine. What makes SMILE different is Ignite’s approach. Because of the tools and techniques Ignite has used to develop SMILE – your people are guaranteed to learn a lot and, retain a lot and have loads of serious fun whilst doing so.

Armed with all that SMILE brings, your people will be able to make your customer s’ experience fantastic!

Be Inspired Who is SMILE designed for?
All customer-facing staff!

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